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Accidental Discovery

Being unable to complete a task once I begin it, I always seem to leave freshly picked radishes out on the counter in my kitchen too long and they end up looking like wrinkly old men – then I toss ‘em out.

Yesterday (Saturday), i needed to rinse off some other stuff in the small, rarely used island sink in the kitchen when lo, there were the radishes that I picked on Friday… they looked pretty bad, but instead of tossing them out, I left them there in the sink while I ran water for a few minutes to rinse off some cucumbers I had brought in to slice up. the leaves on the radishes stopped up the drain and allowed the water to stand for a while before it finally all drained out but when I came back about three hours later from the event I was slicing the cucumbers for, the radishes that had been left in the standing water looked as if they had just been brought in from the garden!

So I ate ‘em. 😉

PS. I’ve looked it up and reviving vegetables in this way is actually a thing.

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