Best Headphones for Exercising

We love to help you get the most out of life, and your health is a major part of that. So, we are pleased to provide you with the latest advances on headphone technology, responding the quality and durability to fit best for your fitness routine. After testing extensive models of headphones in all the different ways that exercise headphones should be tested, we found the Relays by Sol Republic headphones as the best for most people. And for those who want wireless, open-ear, or budget picks, we offer our recommendations as well.

The Relays by Sol Republic headphones

The Relays by Sol Republic headphones offer all plusses for your active times, good sound as well as comfy and staying put. These headphones have edged out all other models in a very hardboiled testing process.

The Sol Republic headphones are noise-free, light and pop straight into place on ears with no chafe and tug. They are resistant to strains, crumble, sweat and rain. They are tested by our listening panel of audio experts. They are your best choice to stand all abuse may a headphone face on your daily activities.

The Relays come with a fit-in-your-pocket small carrying case. Plus, No more freaking out if one of your ear tips disappears in an errant roll across the gym floor. You are provided with a 1-year warranty, and if you register your Relays on Sol Republic’s website after purchase, Sol will send you free replacement tips whenever you ask.

The Relays by Sol Republic headphones are of course are not the best models considering the price range and type. For utmost best sound that $100 can buy, you may want to try our non- exercise headphones, though they won’t take the brutal punishment that we dished out, read our piece here on non-exercise headphones.

Wireless exercise headphones

Jaybird Bluebud X

With Jaybird Bluebud X wireless headphones, you don’t have to keep your head stiff and straight to avoid snagging the cord on your body and popping the buds right out of your ears. You can enjoy your own posture and stride while wearing these Bluetooth headphones.

They have fantastic bass, are light, stay put without chafing, and have a lifetime sweat proof warranty.  They of course require charging for every 8 hours use, extra cost, and the tricky setup, but you will find them a tiny bit better than the Relays in terms of their sound balance.

Open-ear and budget exercise headphones

If you’re on a budget, the Koss Fitclips  will do fine for you , though they don’t sound as great as the Relays. The Koss Fitclips go over your ears and cost about $16. you can spend a little more and get a microphone for taking phone calls on your runs, the $42 Skullcandy Chops are our pick.

You may need to have an intensified sense of awareness of the outside world while you run, bike, or exercise, we recommend you to purchase the inexpensive $20 Panasonic RP-HS34 headphones .

Wrap up

Our objective is your pleasure while listening to your favorite music, podcasts, or other media at your daily exercise, work and other activities. We will keep working hard to promote its technology for your convenience. Keep visiting our site to be updated and feed us back if you like.

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