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Harvesting Hops

Most people who know us personally know that Shawn is really into beer. Specifically home brew and micro brew. I mean, our recent trip to Reno was as much a thrifting trip as it was a chance for Shawn to sample the local breweries. So, needless to say, we are always excited when we find a great deal on brewing essentials. Today, Shawn scored a Craigslist post about some Cascade and Willamette hops a local woman had grown and was unable to use. So, after work, we headed out with some shears and gloves to harvest them.

Hops, as it turns out are pretty easy to harvest. They grow on a vine that is not very thick so it is easy to pull them out and cut them with a pair of shears. According to the husband, when you go to harvest, you are looking for hops that are large and darker in color.

It was not very labor intensive, and forty-five minutes got us approximately one pound worth of hops once the stems and leaves were removed. I don’t much care for beer, especially hoppy beer, but these little guys sure did smell great.

Since our carboys are currently holding what promises to be a deliciously alcoholic mead, Shawn wont be able to use his hops right away, and frankly, a pound of hops is a lot! Its okay, though, because you can preserve them in the freezer for up to a year if you are lucky enough to score some fresh hops. Just put them in a freezer bag, squeeze out the air, and place it in the freezer!

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