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Kids Beds Furniture for Youth

Kids beds mark a major event in the family. What makes it so much fun is how excited the children themselves become about this big youth furniture event. Whether it’s moving into a toddler bed, twin bed, a trundle bed, or a Murphy style wall bed, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this if you are a child.

The room your kids are going to sleep in needs some consideration. You can’t just slap in a bunk bed and call it a day. There are several different aspects of furnishing these rooms from safety guidelines to how you position the chairs and more. It matters which color you use and you should be aware of which twin mattress works with what bed.

The children’s bedroom is just as important to equip with pieces of furniture as it is to design your living room. The function is a bit different and much more attention needs to be paid to the safety features. Once you’ve equipped the room with wardrobes, and only the kids’ beds are missing, you can fall into a dilemma what type is ideal.

There is no ideal solution, but generally speaking the bigger it is, the more time you have before having to replace it. If the kids won’t grow too much anymore, for example, if they’re 12 or more, they’re unlikely to stretch another 20 inches in 5 years. This is the time to get them a twin mattress. The standard size is about 40 inches by 75 inches, but you better measure the bed first.

Kids love to sleep on the top of a bunk bed for no apparent reason. While it’s great fun for them, it can be a frustrating factor for you. Don’t let them sleep on the top if they’re under six, and even after that, a safety grid is mandatory. Use night lights so that they could see the steps of the ladder and don’t fall off. There are thirty-thousand accidents every year caused by bunk beds, which could be avoided. Don’t let them play in the bed, make so that it’s strictly for sleeping.

Wall beds for kids rooms make sense according to some people because when they are folded up to the wall there is more room to play during the daytime. Other people might consider this type of bed to be a safety hazard in itself.

After the safety is properly taken care of you can think about the design and choose the colors. Unless you want to get into an argument, it’s nice to let the children participate in the selection of accessories and colors. You’ll see that the cliche blue and pink is not always what they want.

Be sure to take some photos of the bedroom, so that the munchkins have a record of this memorable bit of their history and the kids beds.

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