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Pasta Pots Simplify Italian Food Prep

There are a lot of reasons to go looking for a new, good quality pasta pot for your kitchen cooking needs.

Not all cooking pots are interchangeable. Some have special uses. Just one or two big pots may not be quite enough for the way you cook.

Your grandmother’s hand-me-down stock pot may have about twenty five years of built up stuff on it that just won’t scrub off and it just kind of looks old and gross.

Why not consider the purchase of a new spaghetti pot with a built in strainer?

If you get something that’s brand new and top of the line, you can focus on the features that are important to you today.

So where do you start looking?

Like most things for the kitchen, especially cookware, you’ll want to consider, convenience, performance (how it actually cooks), other uses, of course looks and the value for what you’ll be spending.

One first thought may be, I’ll get something really big, commercial kitchen size. A person could use that for cooking big batches of stuff. But on the practical side, how often would that really be used? A five gallon pot filled three quarters full will weigh over thirty five pounds. Too big! Not only that but a giant commercial sized pasta or stock pot may not have that highly attractive, detailed level of finish you’re looking for. Some cookware exteriors like anodized finishes are designed more for function. Others come with a gleaming high gloss look. The choice is mostly a matter of personal taste.

Medium to large sized (ten to twelve quart or so) multiple use pots for home use are offered by several manufactures in bundled sets. These may include the pot, a perforated pasta insert for one step cooking and draining, a tempered glass and stainless lid and sometimes a smaller additional pot and lid. These packages are an incredible value.

Other versions of noodle cooking equipment have the holes for straining off water actually built in to the lid.

When considering that performance variable, look for a solid or sandwiched aluminum bottom. The ad may call this a core of encapsulated aluminum (this means you’ll find it layered inside the stainless steel).

Generally the thicker it is the better it will conduct heat. A nonstick interior surface, although not mandatory in a large pot like this, certainly makes cleanup easier.

Handles on a large cooking pot must be bombproof. Look for ones that are double riveted for the strongest of the various alternatives.

There are a number of things to think about when selecting this type of kitchen cooking container. Prioritize them in your mind as you look for your purchase. One particular factor may make all other features secondary, then again, it may end up being lots of fun trying to balance them all out as you buy your wonderful new pasta pot.

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