Quick and Easy TV Table Makeover

One of the best things about thrifting is finding that one thing you need for a fraction of the cost. For us, a few weeks ago, it was a pair of side tables for our living room. One could lovingly refer to our 15 wide by 30 long living room / dining room as a bowling alley. To cut down on clutter and make it easier to walk we decided to nix the traditional coffee table. I am sure all of you crafty people out there can relate when I say that going without a surface is not an option. So, I decided that the answer was side table. Now, a TV table, like those many of us grew up with, was not on the top of my list. Their old and dingy veneers don’t exactly scream Shabby Chik or Global Eclectic, but for six dollars at the Salvation army, we couldn’t go wrong. Nothing a few coats of five dollar reject paint can’t fix!

The process is SUPER simple, so simple that a painting newb like me changed some tired old TV tables into cute textured TV tables in just a few hours, including paint drying time! Admittedly, I had some help from my amazing husband, but I promise you could do it yourself just as easily.

First, you will want to take your TV tables and give them a light sanding. No need to get all crazy in this step. You just want to give the paint a better surface to grab onto. Once you’ve given the entire table some love, wipe it down. Your surface will be ready to paint on!

Next, take a base coat of white, light gray, or light blue paint with primer. We got lucky and snagged a gallon of light gray from the reject pile at the hardware store. You’ll want to shake it or mix it and then apply a coat to all parts of the TV table. Let it dry for twenty to thirty minutes and then add a second coat. Make sure that all of the ugly old blond wood is covered up.

After the second coat of paint dries, touch up any spots you’ve missed. After everything is dry, it is time to add some color! We found a pint of gorgeous stormy blue on the reject shelf, and that was the color we chose to go with. You can probably use any sort of paint for the second coat.

One of the things I LOVE about shabby chic is the distressed look where some of the white, gray, or blue shows through the top coat. I took my top coat color and started applying it using very quick and choppy strokes. You don’t have to be careful here. In fact, go CrAzY. Trust me, it will turn out all right in the end.

After it dries, touch up any spots that have too much of the paint/primer showing through and move back into your home!! I love the way my tables turned out, and I can’t wait to take the brush to the blond wood on the Poang chair we found in the As-Is aisle at Ikea. Anyone else have awesome ideas for how to update laminate furniture?

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