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Reasons To Use Video Surveillance For Your Home

We live in a crazy time. It seems sometimes that the entire world is going crazy. Crime is rampant. Bad economic times seems to make people who are normally good, do bad things. Back in 2008 when I started seeing the economy tank, I took some personal drastic action because I didn’t see things getting better for a long time. I bought a handgun and I started researching home video surveillance systems. I must have been a fortune teller, because all of my predictions about the economy and crime have turned out to be true. The economy has been in a tailspin and crime has increased in almost every city in the United States.

My wife thought I was crazy when she saw sales brochures on the kitchen table for video surveillance systems. She knows that I am extreme at times but I had a really bad gut feeling about where things are going. About one month after I started talking about installing a good home alarm system, we came home from dinner one night to find our outdoor storage building had been broken into. We live in an upscale middle class neighborhood and there is almost zero crime. Needless to say, this freaked us both out. I had a good bit of tools stolen from my shed along with a brand new power washer I had recently purchased. We felt completely violated. Unless this has happened to you, you can’t understand how it feels. It’s frightening. What if they had broken into our home and stolen our prized possessions or had done us harm?

I am here to help you based on my own personal experience. Don’t be a victim like I was. If I had installed video surveillance, I would have had video of the event that I could have turned in to police. I didn’t even have a security light back then. The first thing I did, was to install lighting. I say be a proactive homeowner and fight crime before it strikes.

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