Simple and Elegant DIY Headboard from Cupboard Door Frames

My husband and I do not have a bed frame. Our memory foam mattress rests atop a metal platform which is more than serviceable, and we didnt feel the expense of a full on bed frame was warranted. For quite a while, that meant that our bed was somewhat spartan. I am certainly not one for minimalist design. In fact, you could say my style is more along the lines of organized clutter, so I made it my mission to create an inexpensive, but elegant headboard.

We found the answer at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Sitting on a shelf were several cupboard door frames of the sort that glass goes into. I immediately knew that I could use them to create a simple DIY a headboard, so we purchased four of them at three dollars a piece. I spaced them out above the bed so that they covered the wall and affixed them with mounting tape.

It still looked a little bare, so I decided that I needed to find a way to add something to it. The frames resembled small windows, and we happened to have an extra curtain rod laying around. I had my handy husband help me install the rod over the bed and then took a trip to JoAnnes to find some fabric to drape over the rod. We settled on eyelet lace because it matched both our summer quilt and our winter comforter.

The entire project probably took about 15 to 20 minutes and didn’t cost much more than 20 dollars (since we got the fabric on sale. My cell phone camera doesn’t do it justice. I love its simple elegance, and it is just girly enough for me to enjoy without making the room too overtly feminine.

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