Stovetop Roasted Bell Peppers

This time of year, the Farmers Market is overflowing with a variety of pepper types. Most stands are selling organic peppers at three for a dollar. Problem is, I can’t always use them before they go bad. roasting peppers is a tasty way to preserve summer’s bounty, but I don’t have a grill on my porch, and did not have the supplies needed to use the community charcoal grill, so I improvised.

Stovetop Roasted Bell Peppers

Supplies: Grill Pan, Tongs
Prep Time: 2m
Cook Time: Approx 20m


1. Place grill pan on a hot burner. I put mine on high.

2. Lay out your freshly washed peppers. If you have a lot, you might need to do several batches.

3. Flip over after one side is charred.

4. Continue flipping until all sides are blackened.

5. Let peppers rest. They will probably deflate a little.

6. Once cool, open up and remove seeds. Scrape of charred skins if using right away or within a couple days.

7. To preserve, freeze with the skins on. Before use, defrost and remove skins. They will come off easily.

Roasted peppers are delicious in so many dishes. You can eat them straight with some high-quality olive oil, mix into salads, or use them to add a Mediterranean flair to meats and stir fry’s. Yum!

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