The Champion Juicer

So, you must be among the many who have decided to get the health benefits of fruits and vegetables without having to eat the impossible recommended amount. If you have been shopping around, you have probably learned that there are many types of juicers – the centrifugal juicer, the triturating (or twin gears juicer), and the masticating juicer. In general, each type of machine works best with certain foods, and each produces juice with varying degrees of nutrients depending on how it processes the food. It seems pretty simple, right?

Well, once you decide on the type of machine you want, you then have to consider that different brands and models offer different features, and some have reputations for breaking down or jamming all the time. If you do some more shopping around, you will find that some brands are known for their unreliability, while others have a good reputation. The Champion Juicer is one of those brands with a strong reputation.

Owners of the Champion consistently rate their juicers as heavy-duty, reliable, easy to clean, and versatile. While some juicers are only good for citrus, and others are only good for hard foods, and others are designed especially for the hard-to-juice wheat grass and leafy greens, the Champion juicer can juice all of these foods with quality. What is more, the Champion juicer can be used for blending sauces and creams.

Champion juicers are masticating juicers, which are the juicers that retain the most nutrients. Masticating juicers use a process much like how you chew. Therefore, these machines produce juices with the same nutritional qualities you would get from eating the foods.

The Champion juicer has earned its name. It is the most durable juicer on the market. It is designed for high-volume juicing, where you will not have to stop and clean the pulp receptacle in the middle of your juicing. When you do clean the juicer, you will find that its components are easy to remove and replace, and the finish makes food wipe away easily from the exterior of the machine. You will not have to worry about your food getting stuck or the quality of your juice with this machine. All Champions come with great warranties, but since this line has stuck around for over five decades, it is unlikely you will ever need your warranty.

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