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The Many Uses of Wicker Storage Baskets

Wicker storage baskets are so versatile. You can use them in modern rooms or with traditional décor. They fit function into any room—dining room, living room, family room, and all other rooms as well. Not only that but they are stunningly attractive and fashionable. While you don’t necessarily notice them right off, they have a quiet grace that adds to the overall look of any room in the house.

Can you imagine finding a picture of Winnie the Pooh in a covered basket? Well, that might be what you would find, if you were to look at the wicker storage baskets in a baby’s room. You might have discovered a room with Winnie the Pooh nursery bedding.

Why would nursery bedding be placed in a wicker basket? Well, that basket might function as a hamper, and it might hold some dirty bedding. A wicker basket makes a great hamper, espcecially in a baby’s room. It is light, so it can be moved easily from one corner of the room to the next. As a baby grows and develops, parents often need to make changes in an infant’s room.

As a baby grows, he or she might receive many stuffed animals as gifts. Those stuffed animals would fit nicely into a wicker basket. Once an infant had become a toddler, he or she could learn to put stuffed toys back into the designated wicker basket.

By the age of two, if not earlier, a child usually shows an interest in the game called “dress up.” At that time, a parent might want to make plenty of dress up clothes available to that young child. A wicker basket is a great place in which to store dress up clothes. A little girl could also store play pocketbooks in a wicker basket.

After a child has outgrown the items in a nursery, a parent can find alternative uses for any wicker storage baskets. Old newspapers and magazines could go into such a basket. They would be hidden from view, yet not far out of reach.

In a garage, a wicker basket would be a safe place to store old cloths that are clean and do not retain any powerful cleaning agents. Thinking green, we would probably consider it unwise to put cleaning cloths with chemicals in a container.

The nice thing about wicker and wicker basket storage for the home is that it’s not a solid container. A basket allows air in, so that all the things within are getting some circulating air.

Of course, a young boy might agree to having wicker baskets in his room. After all, he could store all sorts of balls in such a basket. A girl might give in to a mother’s plea that she allow a wicker basket to stay in her room. She might want to keep some colorful scarves in that basket.

Whatever the room or function, there are many uses for wicker storage baskets.

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