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Windows – Roman Shades Add Style

We think Roman shades are a great option for dressing your windows. They are easy to make too, if your budget doesn’t stretch to purchasing them complete, as the video shows.

Roman shades are one option for that vexing issue of what to do for window shades. Cellular shades or honeycomb shades are considered a bit busy and distracting by some people (others love them). Shutters too have their fans and those that don’t care for them. Just about any window covering has its aficionados. And so it is with roman shades.

When choosing a stylish and clean option for window treatments, many people opt to choose roman shades over other shade options based on their ability to not only hold the light at bay, but to also have a bit of style and flare that helps give your room a more sophisticated look.

There are many different options that you can choose from when opting for roman shades for your home windows. From a cleaner look to a more classic contemporary style, there are definitely more choices of roman shades that would suit your taste and décor style. One option is choosing a flat roman fabric which lies flat when rolled down, and folds up neatly when rolled up. When choosing this option, it might be more of a stylish look when you consider adding frame panels around the roman shades in order to maximize the visual impact you have on your window, not to mention adding higher insulation and light control within the room.

Another option to think about when choosing to go with roman shades is to opt for the natural woven flat fold shades. These are the classic style that fall very neatly from usually a 6” valence. When lowered, these shades lie completely flat, and when rolled up they fold very neatly at the top, making them very clean and tidy. If the flat option is too contemporary and clean for your taste, perhaps choosing a softer fabric for your roman shades would be a great choice. These shades, like the flat fold shades, fall flat. However, they leave very unstructured folds at the bottom of the shade when lowered, giving the windows more character but still keeping them clean.

When you choose a more narrow shade, the unstructured swags will only be one, while the wider shades will obviously have more. Another shade option is choosing a more soft roman fabric shade. These shades tend to have multiple folds throughout the design, but keeping the tailored elegance and cleanliness. These shades offer more character than just the flat shades and can be a bit more stylish with the folds.

Lastly, if you’re having trouble with the sun, then perhaps choosing solar roman shades would be the best fit for you in your household. These shades offer a classic style while keeping the sun at bay, with solar protection and glare reduction. The idea behind these fabrics is choosing a semi-sheer metallic fabric to help fight off the sun. The more semi-sheer metallic fabric you have, the less sun will shine through your shades. So, after you have decided to use roman shades instead of the dull and lifeless shades of the past to help protect against the sun’s rays, you can be sure that these shades will not only do their job, but they do look very good as well. Not to mention keeping money in your wallet at the same time, since most roman shades are very reasonably priced, with many options for customization for your home.

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